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Enhance Your Quality of Talent!

What can you expect from Enhance Recruiting? The answer is simple. Enhance Recruiting lives by the motto “Our Client’s Success is our Success”. Our Executive Search Professionals visit every client’s facility, collaborate with leadership, learn their unique story, and customize a search approach that fits their culture whether adding to your leadership team or building a new team.

The most challenging part of hiring top talent for key positions, is finding them. They aren’t traditionally looking for a job, they aren’t sending resumes out, they aren’t reading job boards, and they hesitate to jeopardize their current position. It takes industry insight, recruiting expertise, skill, and intuition to attract passive candidates who will consider a new opportunity. That’s what our team of recruiters do every day for companies like yours. Let us omit the time-consuming talent search process so you can focus on what is most important…your company!

What you will find unique with our staff of professionals is their collaborative, honorable, reputable values, and unmatched recruiting knowledge to the civil engineering job market.

Client Guarantee

At Enhance Recruiting, we appreciate the trust you place in us when giving us the opportunity to assist with your search needs. We guarantee we will provide an unmatched level of service and commitment. We stand behind our Proven Process and each placement, guaranteed!


Civil Engineering touches us throughout our day and is the foundation for our modern society. At Enhance Recruiting, we use our networking and industry knowledge to place executive leadership level to the experienced hands-on engineer.








When you have a critical requirement to fill, it is our intent to complete the job right the first time. At Enhance Recruiting, we offer a variety of search services that are unique to your budget, and fit your companies needs.